Process Serving

 You will be able to trust us to deliver your legal documents for court summons, subpoenas, complaints, private lawsuits and other court dealings not only in a timely manner but also while abiding by state and federal laws.  You can rest assured that we will provide evidence that the legal papers were served properly.

Skip Trace

We find people!  We utilize the best and most up-to-date data bases available in the industry to track down missing persons or persons that don’t want to be found. 

We comb through nationwide purchase histories (from retail stores they have recently been in), employment applications, last dialed phone numbers, changes to contact details, most recent updates in social media, utility bills they currently use, CC applications, etc. 

Mobile Notary

Have you ever needed a document notarized and could not find a notary? Have you ever needed a notary to come to you? We Serve You is a full service notary that travels to your home, office, or any location you need! You choose the location and time that works best for your situation. 

Court Filings and More

To help ensure meeting important deadlines, statute of limitation, and for your connivance, we can file your paperwork with the proper courts.  We can file these documents via e-file (where available). Court filing is the process of submitting your paperwork for your legal case.

John Newman

John Newman


After serving in the United States Marine Corps, John Newman completed his undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and Education from Stephen F. Austin University. He has over two decades in the Criminal Justice field and will use this experience to make sure your services are always provided in a legal and ethical manner.